Reclaimed Steel Frame Buildings

MGR are industry leaders in the dismantling & onward life of steel framed buildings, we feel this service totally sets us apart from any of our competitors. For over 30 years MGR have been actively involved in projects where a steel frame building is present as part of a full demolition package, site clearance package or as an individual item. Instead of simply putting in a 35tonne excavator to rip the building down & load into bins to be weighed in for scrap we at MGR like to dismantle the building & prepare it for re use to an onward client, our dismantling techniques ensure the building is kept completely intact & can be erected within its new location. For the end user we can provide full technical drawings of the building to ensure there’re no issues when it comes to settling out & erecting, we can manage logistics & can also arrange fabrication/up spec of the steel as required, we always have buildings for sale so why not take a look at our News page, or social media pages to see if we have what’s right for your next project!